Alone At The Top -

Best Manager

Challenging your inner Musk

This is an individual event. At a broad level, the event tests if the participant beholds the mettle to survive a nexus of demanding tasks to come up trumps and claim to be the Best Manager!

Patience, perseverance and resourcefulness are just the start of a unique skill-set that can get one the edge to cross the finish line victoriously. The event will focus on evaluating every contestant on his/her analytical, logical, public relations, creativity and interpretation skills.

It helps one get a sense of his/her managerial competency before stepping into the industry.

Online Quiz

A quiz of around 20 Questions covering all the domains of management.

Social media campaign

An awareness campaign run by participants tagging Samanvay. Good outreach for Samanvay and creativity of participants will be tested.

Case Submission

Case will have number crunching involved and this will not be an elimination round.

Selfie Video

Selfie video to be submitted by participants, why you deserve to be Best manager.


2 Mins per participant.

Self Portrait

Write Self Portrait in 350-500 words (45 Min).

Stocks trading round

Online trading will start at 10:30 pm for 3 hours on NYSE

Recurring Case study(part-1) –Customer profiling

Round will start at 11:30 pm, deadline by 1:30 pm

Creating a poster on a social topic

Round starts at 2:00 am


A presentation submission on given technology topic followed by market selection and funding aspect of recurring case submission.


Create memes on the given topics

E-mail round

Customer Relations management (24 hour, email round)


Presentation on pre-campus round case


Debate round in pairs of two.

Story Telling

Story out of a set of pictures.

Press address round

This is the elimination round.


Presentation on story round


Presentation on new technology.

Case Study

A case study on Data Analytics

Recurring Case Part 3

Product differentiation and business model.

Crisis Handling

Crisis situation facing test.

Simulation round

Operations Simulation.

Case Study Round

A case study on economics.

Final case study submissions

Finance core case, Information systems for recurring case.

Final case study submissions

Finance core case, Information systems for recurring case.


  1. It is an individual event.
  2. Only students from management schools permitted.
  3. Contestants participating in this event cannot participate in any other event.
  4. Participants are expected to get their own laptops for the OnCampus event, if selected.
  5. The decisions of the organizers of the contest will be final and binding on all the participants. The organizers reserve the right to change the rules and regulations without prior notice.

Important Dates

Preliminary Round - Online Quiz & Social Media Compaign

15 Sept'19, 00:01 AM IST - 22 Sept'18, 11:59 PM IST

Off-Campus Round -

Based on the online quiz, 20 contestants will be shortlisted for the final round to be held on campus. Participants will have to through a myriad of tasks for two continuous days before a final interview round, to declare the winner.

10 OCT'19, 8:00 AM IST - 12 OCT'18, 6:00 PM IST

On-Campus Round -

18 OCT'19, 8:00 AM IST - 19 OCT'18, 6:00 PM IST

You can register by clicking here