‘For good ideas and true innovation, you need human interaction, conflict, argument and debate’.

This event is for all those with the flair for speaking. The platform to quench the thirst of controvert in every individual. The theme for this season is ‘Disruption: from the economical & environmental lens’; Topics provided are expected to be debated extensively to bring several perspectives on the above theme.


Online Quiz:- Identify the different speakers' voice and some general knowledge questions.


On Campus:-

  1. Part A: Critical Reasoning.
  2. Part B: Extempore.


To be or Not to be - Lets Debate: Teams will be competing on the topic given by the judge(s). One Team will speak FOR the topic and the other will speak AGAINST the topic.


  1. All MBA's and post graduates are eligible.
  2. Team members must be of the same institution.
  3. Team size: only 2, mandatory.
  4. A team member cannot register in more than one team.
  5. In case of discrepancies, decision of the judges/event organizers will be final.

Important Dates

Round #1

12 OCT'19, 00:01 AM IST - 12 OCT'19, 11:59 PM IST

Round #2

19 OCT'19, 10:00 AM IST - 19 OCT'19, 12:30 PM IST

Round #3

19 OCT'19, 02:00 PM IST - 19 OCT'19, 05:30 PM IST




First Runner Up


Second Runner Up


You can register by Register Here