Round 1: - Online Quiz

Questions related to Indian Economies, various factors impacting Indian and world economy, Basics of strong economy of a nation and recent news.

Round 2:

Asking participant to play “Chair the Fed” game. Checking decision making of participants with basics of Macro-Economics, to achieve the maximum score in allotted period of time.

Round 3:

Case analysis and presentation: Made up Caselet to test economics basics, quick implementation of learnt skills about economics to analyse the case and present the solution/analysis in given time frame.


  1. Event is Open Ended: Any graduate/ Post graduate student can apply.
  2. The team can contain a maximum of 3 students, necessarily from the same college.
  3. The team members can be form different department /year of the college.
  4. A student can be part of only one team.
  5. A participant will be given access to the online quiz only on 16th OCT 2018 @ 10:00 PM.
  6. Other information regarding rounds would be provided after round 1 gets over.
  7. All the event data captured will become a property of the event organizing team.
  8. In case of any dispute, decision of the organizing team shall be final.

Important Dates

Round 1

30 Sept'19, 09:30 PM IST - 30 OCT'19, 09:55 PM IST

Round 2

19 Oct'19, 11:00 AM IST - 19 Oct'19, 11:59 PM IST

Round 3

19 Oct'19, 3:00 PM IST - 19 Oct'19, 6:30 PM IST




Runner Up


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